Our Motivation

The special moment that the Brazilian economy has been undergoing arises as one of the main vectors for the development of the Firm, as important legal and regulatory transformations are spotted in the Country’s infrastructure, in addition to a perspective of intensive domestic and foreign investments.
From our headquarters in São Paulo, the main business and financial center of the Country, we are able to work with national and multinational companies in the development of local – in São Paulo, Brasília, and other states – and international agendas.

What We Do

    • Promoting the planning of the field of institutional relationships and advocacy of clients interests before stakeholders (i.e., the government, associations, and institutions) in order to mitigate risks, maximize opportunities, and build quality relationships.


    • Representing the client in regulatory discussions before several governmental players, whether in Brazil or abroad, especially the Executive and Legislative Branches, within the federal and the state scopes; regulatory agencies (i.e., the National Health Agency – ANS, the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency – ANEEL, the National Agency for Waterway Transportation – ANTAQ); and the United Nations (UN) and its agencies.


    • Contributing to the organization, development, and implementation of infrastructure projects, especially in the segments of energy and cargo transportation (i.e., by sea and land).


    • Offering strategic advice on corporate matters of institutional, regulatory, and legal nature (i.e., mergers and acquisitions, corporate, tax, compliance).


    • Providing advice on transactions in the financial and capital markets.


    • Supporting the development and structuring of financial, social-security, and real property products and assist our clients in the translation of regulatory and legal environments into their relevant operations (i.e., legal, formalization, marketing, customer service channels).


    • Acting in a preventive and corrective manner in the negotiation and preparation of agreements with partners and suppliers.